How Can Someone Steal Your Data

15 October 2019 Off By Azeglio Conti

There are many violations in data security. Data is stolen by many means. People steaking the data are mainly hackers who are spread all over the internet staling data from huge sites and organizations. There are many cases of data security some companies have weak data security so their data is stolen easily people around the internet hold be aware of these things and adopt preventive measures for stealing data. Data can be stolen by hackers is generally sent out for sale. Data can be stolen with many ID’s. Hackers generally have many accounts on internet but uses one account for his personal work and all other for hacking purposes. Hacking is illegal we all know that but there is one part of hacking that is legal which is know as ethical hacking. It is used for testing purposes mainly for testing out insecurities and faults in a site. Many companies have hired ethical hackers to test out their weak parts and insecurities to stay away from hackers. Hackers first attack the weak parts of a site then spread the virus all over it to easily hack the information and sell it to other people. For more information, please log on to

There are three webs in easy words the first one is surface web which is secured but attacked by hackers from dark web and they spread virus in the surface web and sell all the data like emails, phone numbers, credit card numbers and etc. surface web is not that much secure but if you apply security measures so you will be extremely secure from hackers. Surface web is an example of normal search engines like Google, Bing and etc. Surface web also consist of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites, it also contains e-sites and data for the use of normal people. Then the deeper web comes. It is where all the data is processed and send out to surface web. Deeper web contains all of our bank accounts, emails, credit card numbers, it is best for security. All the surface web sites store their data in deeper web for security. Your data sent out to sites are secured there. It is private and also uses private IP’s and also it can be used for Anonymously scrolling internet without being monitored. It is all where your government records are maintained. Then the Dark web comes it where all illegal activity is performed and hacked data is sold with leaked data. You should stay away from it. If your data has been stolen and want to recover that data so visit, they provide best services for mobile phone data recovery, SSD data recovery, data recovery services in Melbourne and hard disk recovery.